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  Exective Summary
  Global food retail industry has become tightly competitive in last few years.In dynamic operating environment,companies need to understand the competitive nature of the global food industry means to understand changing consumer preferences.They are making continuous efforts to meet these demands in order to secure their positions in the industry.Companies have the aim to build collaborative working relationships with stakeholders,the ultimate objective of building an efficient food distribution system.
  Wal-Mart is the world largest retailer in food retail industry.The company operates retail stores in various formats.It operates more than 6,000 stores in the United States and in 13 international markets.Food retail industry is a highly saturated market,new entrants would face difficulty to become successive in this industry.Stable relationships with suppliers are essential to Wal-Mart business.Wal-Mart is focusing on expanding its product line by including demanding products as well as environmentally friendly products.
  When analyzing the business of Wal-Mart,they actually utilize all three of the“hard S's”of McKinsey's 7S framework in their chase of their goals:Strategy,Systems,Structure.As a retail company,Wal-Mart offers a wide collection of products to the consumers.the grocery items can be placed as Wal-Mart's star products.Appliance,kitchen tools,furniture,digital products,music files and software are the cash cows of the company.Pharmaceuticals,toys,electronics and health products are Wal-Mart question marks.The photo development,jewelry and shoe products distributed by the company are those that show low market share.
  Wal-Mart has the largest IT systems of any private company in the world.It has made significant investments in supply chain management.Wal-Mart Stores aims to capture the market penetration in food that it has achieved in hard and soft line goods.The product development team frequently attends trade shows in Europe and key fashion capitals and travels to places globally.Wal-Mart's diversification strategy of the 1980s was a great success in terms of tapping and recognizing new market segments.Based from the analysis of the data by appling marketing and strategic models,it is appropriate to recommend that the product and service development strategy be applied by Wal-Mart,considering that these factors serve as the core factors affecting its growth and progress.
  Strategy Development in the Global Food Retail Supermarket Industry
  Globalization of retail is not an emerging or totally new strategy,but a current focus for many retailers.Established retailers have recognized that natural growth becoming more difficult to sustain in domistic markets,expansion into new markets is a necessary step towards securing future profitability.To understand the competitive nature of the global food industry means to understand changing consumer preferences and the food industry efforts to meet these demands.The task of moving food items from the seller to buyer is becoming increasingly complex,involving diverse local,national,and global issues.
  The food retail industry consists of the total revenues generated through supermarkets,hypermarkets,cooperatives,discounters,convenience stores,independent grocers,bakers,and all other retailers of food and drink.Supply chain management(SCM)is the management of materials,information,technology and funds from the raw material supplier to the consumer.It has become highly critical.It is now essential to a company revenue generating activities as it relates to growth,efficiency and customer satisfaction.SCM is critical to a company financial success in terms of revenue,cost and asset productivity.It has the aim to build collaborative working relationships between distributors,retailers,manufacturers,sales and marketing agents with the ultimate objective of building an efficient food distribution system.The most important goal of global food retailers and wholesalers is to ensure that the products they sell are safe.They act as the purchasing agent for the consumer and the final link in the supply chain.The supermarket food industry continually seeks ways to make the nation food supply safer.